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Goal Setting: Pain + Fun = Motivation

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Motivation Recipe

Last week I started talking about Goal Setting and the important philosophy of “Work First; Play Later”; maintaining a balance of both. I can talk to you about the mechanics of setting S.M.A.R.T goals which is good, and you should check out one of my earlier blogs around this process: CLICK ME; however, the reality is that goals are met with perseverance. So many things can get in the way of you sticking to your goals. I am pretty awesome at setting goals…I have a whole bunch of bucket list goals! Sometimes I am not so awesome at actually making it happen, especially when I only tried the painful route (no fun route…ugh!). It really comes down to strategies that work with what increases your motivation, understanding what makes you procrastinate and how to boost your self-esteem. I will blog more about these areas in the next few weeks.

I have pretty much mastered the art of working in cafés…I love love love cafés! Mixing fun with pain gives me something to look forward to and I can get pretty much any work done in this wonderful environment. You cannot achieve your goals if you are not getting stuff done, so mix in some fun and get moving! Here are my three favourite pain mixing haunts where you will find me wrestling with my motivation in a fun way (Locke Street):


Mulberry Coffee House

Jonny’s Coffee

If you find me here, please come over for a chat.

I always love the connection with people far more than unpleasant work!

You would not be interrupting at all.

The final draft of this blog was completed at : The Good Neighbour (Toronto)

Crowd Sourcing Time!

I would love to hear about cafés that you love. Even if you are not a Mohawk College student, even if you don’t even live in Canada…please send along pictures of cafés you love to work in. I am making a travel list 🙂

I will post a compilation of your wonderful suggestions.

Keep sending in your “Fight Songs“. Even if you are not a Mohawk College student, I do want to hear from you!

Dr. Heather Drummond, EdD (Counselling Psychology)

 eSuccess-Coach * Counsellor * Passionate Advocate for Student Success

Goal Setting: Why am I Doing This Again?!?!

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BalanceLast week I wrote about the value of having a “fight song” and many of you emailed such great songs. Thanks so much! I will be compiling them in the near future and putting them up here. Please keep sending!

So, fighting for your goals? This really requires good time management skills, strong emotion management ability and a keen awareness of the importance of life BALANCE. At Mohawk’s Start Smart series I presented around the topic of Time Management (check out my presentation) and the strategies that can keep you on track. In a few weeks, I will be writing about Emotion Management Strategies, so please check back. Maintaining a life balance is the most critical part of process of achieving your goals, especially in the difficult times when you are wondering “why am I doing this?!?”

Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life – learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.  Robert Fulgham

Today, I want to emphasize how much maintaining a balance of work and play is to your success. Yes, you need to have fun even in the busiest and most stressful times in your semester (October and November). Before your semester gets too busy, make a list of all the fun things you enjoy doing, exercising, pub nights, video games, serial watching Netflix, reading, sleeping….everything you like to do. I know, it sounds strange to make this list, but in my experience, students tend to forget what they love doing and get stuck in “I should be studying”, avoiding anything fun, not giving their brain a break and not rewarding themselves for completing assignments. This just leads to being overwhelmed.

Work First; Play Later

So, before you really start fighting for your goals, start with planning for infusing fun into the fight. Really try to get your work done and reward yourself with doing things you love…completely guilt free. Who wants to keep working toward goals in a painful way?!? Ugh, I procrastinate wildly when I stop having fun.

If you find that the balance is tipping too far to spending all of your time having fun…ask yourself “why am I procrastinating”, “what am I afraid of?” and “why is school important to me?”. In a few weeks I will be sharing strategies for dealing with Procrastination…just in time for peek work avoidance season for students 🙂

Again, I always love to hear from readers!

If you have any topics you would like me to write about, please pass them along.

Dr. Heather Drummond, EdD (Counselling Psychology)

 eSuccess-Coach * Counsellor * Passionate Advocate for Student Success

What is Your Fight Song?

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Fight songs are popular amongst sports fans as a way of cheering on, and “pumping up” their team, especially when the team is losing.  Earlier this year Rachel Platten released, the very popular “Fight Song”, that had me thinking, why not a personal fight song to help you stay working toward the goals that you set for yourself at the beginning of the semester?

Get Started:

  • Pick one song that raises your energy level and play it when you need a boost.
  • Select a song a week or even your monthly fight song.
  • Create a playlist of several songs that put you in an inspired state of mind, similar to playlists that people use to keep motivated when exercising.

Whatever works for you…

Turn on your music to keep you in a state of mind that helps you fight for your goals when your energy is low, when you forget why you are even in school, when things can feel so overwhelming.

Right now, my fight song is written and performed by the amazing Ellie King, America’s Sweetheart.

Fight for your goals!

I would love to hear what you have selected as your fight songs. Please comment on this blog or email me at

Dr. Heather Drummond, EdD (Counselling Psychology)

Counsellor * eSuccess-Coach * Passionate Advocate for Student Success

Welcome Back!

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project-managementWell it is that time of year again for students…


It is great to have a new start half way through the year. Now, it is all about your approach to this new start that will make all of the difference in terms of your success. Today, I am presenting at Start Smart @ Mohawk College around Time Management. I thought that I would provide my presentation for those of you who could not make it.

Smart Start September 2015 – Time Management – Project Managing Your Academic Career

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information.

I am always happy to help and love hearing from people!

Dr. Heather Drummond, EdD

Counsellor * Professor * Coach * Facilitator * Passionate Advocate for Student Success