Month: April 2016

Leaning In: Learning to Show Up in Your Own Life

Be the Main Character of Your Life This can be a difficult mindset to develop, but it is definitely easier to live as the person who “leans into their life”, solves their own problems, makes stuff happen and navigates their life from the helm….

Perspective: The Relationship Between Failure and Success

  Inspiration Friday! Last week, I was sent an email from a reader, Bella Campbell, a content coordinator for Online MBA Today. I was so honoured that she reads my blog! She created an inspirational infographic that illustrates the important role failure plays in our success….

Anxiety, I Just Don’t Have Time For You!

Feeling Anxious?!?!? You probably are. Everyone feels anxiety at varying levels, at different times and in different situations; however, sometimes anxiety can get way out of control and take over your life. So scary… Sound like you right now? Well, you have come to…

Hangry? #Emotional Expression

Today, I want to focus on a sweet little tool that can help you with your emotional self-awareness, emotion regulation and emotion expression. I see so many people that get caught up in the Emotional Reasoning (CBT) cycle and make decisions based upon how they feel. They decide to say something,…