About Your Success Coach

fb-pic-counsellorWelcome to Success Coaching @ Mohawk College! 

My name is Heather Drummond and I am a Counsellor and Professor at Mohawk College. I have designed this blog to reach out to all students as a way to offer strategies that can be easily tried and incorporated into your academic life. You can follow me on Twitter @SuccessMohawk, you can get email updates when a new blog is posted and you can always meet with me in person.

I am passionate about helping students become as successful as they were meant to be!

Here is a chance to get to know who is behind the scenes. I am featured in a Mohawk College Video. Check it out here:

MoCast Episode 1 Season 2 from Communications and Media on Vimeo.

CHMLRadio Interview

Education 101 Series on CHML 900 – Scott Thompson Show

How does bullying affect the mental health of students? Mohawk College is doing innovative work on addressing these issues to ensure the school remains safe and welcoming.

Dr. Heather Drummond, Counsellor in Counselling services at Mohawk College.

Louisa Drost, Director of Counselling, Accessible Learning and Health Services


(the picture is of my director, Louisa Drost)

*please note that I am not yet registered as a Psychologist in Ontario, currently in progress.


I had a wonderful opportunity to be a part of this documentary as a content expert around psycho-social issues people face once being diagnosed with HIV infection.


I was honoured to be selected and super nervous being on film. However, I have had the most amazing experience of having a few people recognize me from this documentary and tell me that my words of encouragement were very helpful. Pretty cool!

I highly recommend that you check it out. Click Here.

Your Coach,

Dr. Heather Drummond

Mohawk College, Fennell Campus,”The Square” – C102

Feel Free to Contact Me!

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