Changing Minds Project


The Changing Minds Project is Still Running!

This study is closed to new participants, but for those of you who joined before the deadline, you can still earn Mind Points for your campus participation.

Check out the Campus Activities & Events page on the Changing Minds eLearn page after you log into your account.

Check This One Out!

Mindfulness Unplugged Event

April 17, 2019

Fennell Campus @ Mohawk College (near The Learning Centre)

*If you participated, you can submit your activity form to the dropbox. If you missed it, listen to the 4 Mindfulness Meditation tracks from this event and follow the same instructions. Check out the tracks! (* scroll down to bottom of the page)

Changing Minds Project

This pilot study will examine the role of academic resilience, as a model supporting student flourishing, that promotes post-secondary student engagement, persistence and success. The primary purpose of this research is to focus in greater depth on the non-academic aspects of student success, as it relates the development and implementation of a sustainable student psychological campus wellbeing model. This study will explore the non-academic capabilities of students that affect their “ability to engage” in the academic process such as: motivation, goal setting, problem solving, emotion regulation, adaptive help-seeking and implementation of positive mental health strategies.

Brief Description of the Changing Minds Study


Mind Points

You have an opportunity to participate in a positive mental health pilot study where you can earn points for participation.

Points = Money, Prizes or Swag

*and building your student savvy success skills!

More Information: Mind Points Menu

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You will then receive a text saying that you are signed up for text alerts about campus activities, events or services that are eligible for Mind Points!

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