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Social Media, Your Beautiful Brain and a Need for Some #TechDisruption: 3 Part Series

Disruptive Technology In 1997, the term “disruptive technology” emerged as a term to help people conceptualize the rapid growth and impact of technology in our lives. Super smart Harvard Business professor, Clayton M. Christensen, coined this term in his best selling book, “The Innovator’s Dilemma”….

Trouble Sleeping? Sprinkle a Little Gratitude into Your Life

  Here in Canada, we are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend. I thought that this would be a great opportunity to get all nerdy on you and present some pretty great reasons to start infusing gratitude in your life. The land that Canada is on…

Apps, Apps, Apps: Little Tech Wonders That Leave Us Wondering

Apps! The Solution to All of Your Problems. …ok, maybe, but how do I use them?!? I am definitely guilty of suggesting apps to people without sending along some tips to make using them effective and easy. I have learned that simply suggesting an app to…