Tag: Growth Mindset

Academic Self-Efficacy: Upgrading Your NeckTop Computer

Did you know that you are walking around with one of the most amazing computers right on top of your shoulders!?! Yes, your NeckTop Computer! Even this wonderful organic machine needs software upgrades now and then. Teach it how to learn, remember and adapt. By consistently…

Leaning In: Learning to Show Up in Your Own Life

Be the Main Character of Your Life This can be a difficult mindset to develop, but it is definitely easier to live as the person who “leans into their life”, solves their own problems, makes stuff happen and navigates their life from the helm….

Perspective: The Relationship Between Failure and Success

  Inspiration Friday! Last week, I was sent an email from a reader, Bella Campbell, a content coordinator for Online MBA Today. I was so honoured that she reads my blog! She created an inspirational infographic that illustrates the important role failure plays in our success….

Try Something NEW?!?! Terrified? Growth Requires Expanding Your Comfort Zone

I want to take this opportunity to introduce a wonderful colleague of mine, Kim Hill! She will be the guest blogger today. It is pretty cool to have her share her expertise with you today because she will be talking about learning something new,…

Emotional Intelligence = School Success: Really? Yes, the Math Does Add up!

Emotional intelligence, or Emotional Quotient (EQ) has been researched for over 40 years, well technically since the 1930’s as Social Intelligence, and consistently it is found that EQ is a strong predictor of success in many areas of life; work, school and relationships. So what…