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Mastering Motivation! a.k.a Setting a Fire Under Your Butt!

Motivation….ah….motivation…. This is a VERY common human struggle. Yes, even for those who appear perfect and completely in control….not mentioning any names 😉 I will give you some advice from  my professional experience. I have had the opportunity to see people in their real…

Wellness Balance: Assessing Your Current State

Well, exams are done and grades are posted. You now have a choice. Do you take this information, good or bad, and move forward in a new direction or do you stay stuck in old habits that no longer work? At this transition point,…

Wellness Life Balance – Creating a Stress Resistant Student Experience

I have uploaded my recent presentation that I did for the wonderful Semester #1 Recreation & Leisure, Child & Youth Worker and Early Childhood Education students. Good luck this semester! Wellness Life Balance – Creating a Stress Resistant Student Experience